Walk to Arillas (by road)

( 2km approx 45 minutes each way )

Arillas by road
Arillas is a quiet sea front resort with a selection of bars, restaurants and cafes for you to choose from. If you don’t fancy walking off the beaten track then it’s best to stick to the main road that runs from San Stefanos to Arillas. The starting point for this walk is at the end of the main street just past Barras. Turn left at the T-junction and follow the signs to Arillas. You will pass Town Pizza on your left and further on an old tennis court on your left. You will soon reach a steep up-hill S-bend, continue to walk along the road until you reach a T-junction. Take a left here as the road sign will confirm and carry on walking straight ahead until you come to another T-junction with a small coffee shop on the left hand corner. Turn right at the junction and follow the road downhill, passing some pools, a bakery and some local shops. When you reach the bottom there is a small supermarket in front of you at a T-junction. Take the right turn and follow the road to the beach where you will find a selection of cafes and bars to relax in.

If you turn left at this junction you will find your way to the Brouklis a traditional Corfiot Taverna we have reviewed in our " Eating Out " menu.