Corfu town (Kerkira) is the charming capital where you can easily step from the hustle and bustle of the modern town back into the narrow alleyways of ancient Greece.

The towns people live their modern lives in San Rocco Square and the streets that lead from it, safe in the knowledge that you can step back into the past at anytime.

Whilst you explore you can stop for a coffee, drink or some traditional Greek cuisine at a huge number of bars and restaurants.

The old town sits in the narrow streets between the old and the new forts towards the northern end of  town. There are tourist shops, bakeries and bars hidden away in the narrow streets so don't get lost!

The New Fortress (new because it was built some 30 years after the Old Fortress), dominates the old port and is a marvelous spectacle especially when viewed from the sea. It took the Venetians 13 years to build in the late 1500's, although additional buildings and tunnels were added later by the British.

Public entrance is via the steep stone steps that lead up from the far end of the square. There are fine views from the bastions and a cafe, bar and exhibition center.

The Old Fortress is steeped in the history of Corfu, and provides a powerful visual symbol of the town and island of Corfu. The Old Fortress can be approached via a single passageway accessible from the eastern end of the esplanade.

The Greek Archaeological Service are said to be restoring the Old Fortress although, you can still pay a fee to sample the splendid view of Corfu town from the Castel Nuovo lighthouse at the very top.

Corfu town has two ports. The new port mainly being used for International ferries, boat trips to other Greek islands and to mainland Greece.

The old port is a much more low key affair mainly home to small fishing boats and the daily ferry to Paxos.